We Deliver the Following Workshops

The Anatomy of Success & Failure   - Free workshop  -- see below to download.

This is a 20 to 25 minute automated workshop that assists the viewer with the Fundamentals of the most time tested Formula for Success that has ever been developed. The following people are just a few of those that have used this formula to achieve their personal greatness.

Sam Walton

Steve Jobs

Bill Gates

Tiger Woods

Walt Disney

Helen Keller

This list includes hundreds of well-known people

Almost everyone wants to have Success in the important areas of their lives but few attain financial, familial, relationship and avocational success to any great degree. This FREE workshop will give you the tools needed to achieve whatever it is that you want in life.

There is no charge for you to review this simple, but yet very powerful information in this workshop.

Click here to download the PowerPoint version (note: you must have PowerPoint installed on your device in order to view it).

How to Achieve an Ideal Relationship - Part I - the Fundamentals

“You can do this prior to selecting a mate or you can achieve it with your existing partner. Knowing your Ideal Scene in the area of Sex, Marriage & the Rearing of Children and either combining with a highly compatible partner and or learning how to build greater compatibility in an existing relationship is the key to moving toward an Ideal Relationship.  This Workshop is the start of optimizing your compatibility. Ask us and we’ll explain how and why.

Regardless of whether or not you are currently in a relationship, or even in a new or long term existing relationship – achieving your ideal relationship all starts with the "Ideal Relationship - Analysis™.”  Note there is no charge to fill out the Analysis. After answering the questions you’ll receive a 10 plus page Printout of your results. The main product that a single user gets in taking this test is that they’ll know better than at any time in their past what their ideal relationship looks like.  We haven't seen anything as comprehensive on the internet as this Analysis. and who to stay away from.

By taking this workshop with a coach you are assured of having greater certainty of what you are doing when you take this and other tests and are more likely to get the best results.

Opting for this coached workshop you will have more confidence taking all the tests, including, The Commitment Test, the Happiness Assessment, and the Parenting IQ Test.  You are also going to have a much greater perspective about the History of Marriage and why the failure rates are 10x what they used to be.  This Workshop builds your Foundation to be more proactively cause over who you do or do not combine with.  And for those in an existing long term relationship it will systematically show you what you have to do to have greater compatibility with your significant other.

The workshop is 4 to 6 hours in length. It includes the benefit of a private Compatibility Coach to walk you through all of the Fundamentals. Note: There are local group workshops on a monthly basis for less than The Price of $795.00 for this privately coached workshop.

How to Achieve an Ideal Relationship - Part II - with Your Significant Other

This clearly is the workshop that fully utilizes the 20 plus Lessons of How to Optimize Your Compatibility.

It’s a hard-hitting, pull-no-punches workshop that will show you how effective these comprehensive tools can be.

These tools will stably allow you to negotiate the ups and downs as well as ins and outs of any relationship. Knowing and applying these tools will be of significant help when it comes to handling/overcoming the challenges of incompatibilities in your relationship.

Note: the single biggest hurdle to keeping your commitments has much to do with unhandled incompatibilities.

It’s of utmost importance to achieve optimum compatibility when finding and persevering in a relationship.  In this workshop we’ll review the key tools needed to help ensure significantly high levels of compatibility.

The following are just some of what you’ll take away from this workshop:

  • a full & comprehensive understanding of the definitions of love
  • what it means to truly understand and be there for another person (along with all of the gradient steps to get to that point)
  • what man’s greatest difficulty is and how to overcome it when creating a successful relationship
  • what’s the primary error that everyone makes - that leads to upsets and how to minimize & eliminate them
  • what’s the key difference between talking with one another and really communicating – the really great communicators know this. Being able to apply this major tool alone will handle at least 50% of all hurdles and upsets that arise in most relationships
  • why Manners Matter – this is no joke – it really does matter
  • how beneficial are your Principles and Values – “know them and don’t lose them”
  • and several more…

This workshop is 16 to 20  hours in length. It can be broken up into two or three segments. It is conducted by a Compatibility Specialist with several years of Relationship Specialist experience.  Please see the RARP (Resolve Any Relationship Problem - delivery graphic for more information) and the tool bar under Services and then Workshops for even more information.  pa.

The Price of this Workshop is $2480.00 This is a privately coached workshop.

How to Achieve an Ideal Relationship - Part III - with Your Children (be they young or older)

While this workshop also focuses on the material in the 20+  Lessons of How to Optimize Your Compatibility it is not a regurgitation of the workshop above  – it is totally geared to optimizing your parenting skills and producing loving, productive children.

The decline of any nation can be traced back to how the children were raised or more aptly how they were not raised.

This workshop focuses on using the 20+ lessons to improve any and all of the following non-optimum areas of parenting.

  • parental disrespect; both to and from the child
  • out exchange (a child who must be contributed to versus one who is helpful)
  • a poor work ethic
  • poor communication skills - due to too much indulgence & entitlement
  • without principled values
  • not caring about their country and its history
  • not striving to achieve their goals
  • not having good manners
  • lacking respect for themselves and or others
  • leading a life with little value or purpose
  • a life without pride and humility
  • children who grow up dependent rather than independent producers
  • children with an entitlement sense of economics
  • and much more...

Everything in this workshop is geared toward helping you understand and work with your child regardless of whether they live in your home or not.

It's not usually the child's fault for his troubled life - in far too many cases the parents are the main reason that a child's love is nowhere to be found. There is a significant amount of drilling in this workshop.

It's actually a two to three day workshop and on the third day one or more of your children are asked to join us for two and a half hours.  They may not understand why, but they are always glad that they were there. And so ultimately are the parents.

It is strongly encouraged that both parents participate in this workshop.  However, even if only one parent gets involved with the workshop it can STILL make a big difference in both of your lives.

Note: this workshop is also recommended for parents who have grown/adult children. Being a parent never ends and it’s never too late to “optimize your parenting skills.”

The tools in this workshop when learned and applied have changed relationships for the better with children of all ages.

It’s never too late to do the right thing.

The Price for this Workshop is $2650.00. This is a private coaching workshop.  For even more information go to the website tool bar, click services and then Workshops I, II, or III on the drop down Menu.