About Us...

At the Ideal Relationship Group ...

We subscribe to the fact that Life is a Game and that you have many choices with regard to the type of games that you can play and the type of people that you can or should partner with.

Sometimes those choices are good and sometimes they’re not so good. The bad choices are the ones that cause us to lose in life. We’ll do our best to steer you away from those.

One of the primary challenges in the game of life is to find and follow your purpose and align it accordingly with your goals.

The books, workshops and coaching that we’ve put together are designed for you to:
  1. Know who you are as regards your relationships
  2. Know where you're going on your journey to and Ideal Relations
  3. Know exactly how you'll get there.

Give us that opportunity and we’ll do our best to make that journey the one that you’ve always wanted it to be.


It's also imperative to know the Difference Between...


Definition of Success: Achieving what you want.

Definition of Failure: Not achieving what you want.

Only you can decide the degree of success you will choose to have. Will it be mediocre, fair, good or great? Short or long lived? It is totally up to you!

You are either on a path to long term success or on a path to failure with regard to achieving your ideal relationship,

If you don’t clearly know what your ideal relationship looks like and what the tools are to achieve that ideal you are potentially waffling toward the path of failure.

Stop gambling with your future there is a successful well mapped out path that you can take that ensures getting to where you intend to be.

If you haven’t already done so please Click Here to watch a television interview that explains the truth of why 1 out of every 2 relationships end in failure and why the tests that you are about to take are a major part of the solution to ensuring long term success regardless of whether you are single or married.

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