The Ultimate Compatibility Questionnaire


1.    To quick start the test you can read numbers 1 through 6 and then just below #6, you can click the “Take The Ideal Relationship Questionnaire” button.

2.    Or you can do a thorough read of all of the test instructions which will be helpful.  At the end of those instructions, you will find a line that reads: “To Register and Complete the Test Click Here to Begin.

3.    You’ll then Register yourself.   Please fill out all of the questions. At any point while taking the test you will have the ability to stop and return to the test and to finish it at your convenience.

4.    Upon completing the individual user test (which is what you are about to take) you will be provided with a comprehensive report that outlines the Compatibility Characteristics which are most important to you, thus leaving in your possession a very comprehensive printout of your personal ideal relationship. 

5.   It is very important that you take this individual user test from the perspective that you are single, unattached and your current age.

6.    The final product of taking this test comes about when you match your user test serial numbers with that of your significant other, mate, or marital partner.  The products are threefold:  a) you’ll get a compatibility score for each of the 13 compatibility categories; Children, Sex, Economics, etc.,  b) you’ll get an overall compatibility score for all the questions asked, and c) you’ll receive the most comprehensive comparative compatibility report available on the internet.  This report arranges your and your partner’s compatibility characteristics from their highest to lowest levels of compatibility.  It’s a very telling test. 

Full Instructions:

About the Ideal Relationship Questionnaire

             Its purpose:

The purpose of the Ideal Relationship Questionnaire is to help you to thoroughly determine what your ideal relationship looks like.

When your test is electronically compared to the test that your significant other has taken, it will automatically determine your compatibility score.

Your test results (when compared to another’s) will also show you where you are least and most compatible.

When new couples take the test it dramatically speeds up the process of getting to know one another.

It facilitates budding relationships to determine the merits of continuing, terminating, or changing the focus of the relationship.

Long-term relationships that have sufficient compatibility are strongly encouraged to continue with them. Most incompatibilities can be resolved when there is a willingness on the part of at least one partner to apply the Oxford Formula for a Successful Relationship.

It is the intent of this organization to help create strong commitments and compatibility between dedicated partners.

       How to take this test.

When taking the test, if you have a spouse or significant other please do not discuss or review the questions with the other person while you are answering them.

It’s perfectly all right to sit in the same room when one or both of you answer the questions, but the reason for limiting the discussion is to reduce the intimidation factor.

You’ll have your chance to share your views with your mate when you are done, but please don’t share them while you are taking the test. I want your answers to be yours, not a joint discussion of what your ideal relationship should be. Only you know that. The result of this test is not to be a blend of your own and someone else’s.

You are about to embark on a very important project that will definitively detail the way you’d like your ideal scene to look. Please find a quiet setting that is distraction free for at least an hour.

        What’s most important here?

Regarding the Column with No Interest it just says No Interest.  The other three columns use the term Some, High, or Extreme Interest or Importance.  These words were not just haphazardly picked.

You will be asked to electronically mark the column that best indicates what you feel about each compatibility characteristic being a part of your ideal relationship.

            How does it get results?

This is a fun multiple-choice Questionnaire and relatively easy to do. It took several years to perfect. Answering all of the questions can be done within 30  to 70 minutes.  Note: you can take a break and come back to the test where you left off.

But even if it took three hours, it’s well worth doing because it helps you define your ideal relationship.  When you know where you are going it’s much easier to get there!

Please be 100 percent honest with yourself when answering the questions. Your future success will depend upon it. No one else will know the answers on your test but you or whomever you decide to show it to.

There’s much good in many troublesome relationships. And even excellent relationships can have points of incompatibility that have to be worked out.

It’s when the areas of difficulty are not recognized and not taken care of that they become problems. When these troublesome areas don’t get resolved they show up in the form of less affinity (less liking or love for one another), less sex, bitter disagreements with more and more doubt entering into the relationship. If left unhandled this adds up to the downward spiral-of-life or what many refer to as the toilet-swirl.

If you can’t talk it out, if you can’t create harmony regarding something that’s of extreme importance to one or both of you, it’s not going to go away. Whether you do the Ideal Relationship Questionnaire  or not the issues are still there.

They aren’t like wine which gets better with age.

On the contrary they usually get worse. If this is dirt that is being swept under the carpet you’re both going to trip over it at some point. It’s best to face it now.

Dealing with the problem rather than ignoring it will give you a much better shot at happiness than leaving things as they are.

Having and attaining your ideal scene is the future that this questionnaire is intended to help you create.

            Invading privacy

There are dozens of subjects that are touched upon. If you feel that you do not wish to share some of these topics with your partner due to the intimacy of some of the questions and the newness of the relationship you may legitimately not be ready to share (overlay your answers) with his or hers.

And that is totally understood.

That however, shouldn’t stop you from taking the test solo ” where you are the only one who knows the answers to your ideal compatibility.       

There are line item questions dealing specifically with sex, marriage, and the rearing of children . Some of these questions are armor-piercing. They’ll invade your privacy and are designed to do so. You’ll perhaps thank me later for including them. If you are offended, I apologize in advance.

Note to international readers.

There are dozens of major cultures and literally hundreds of lesser-known cultures on Earth.

That being said, every few months a new question passes all of my filters and is added to the list of compatibility questions.

Wishing you the very best,

Benjamin R. Kugler   Speaker, Author, Compatibility Specialist.

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