The Ideal Relationship Compatibility Test™ questionnaire is designed to help you clearly identify your likes and dislikes, what is vital, what is nice to have and those things that are deal breakers in your relationship with your partner, (whether you are currently with someone or are looking).

The truth is, many times the decision to start a relationship is based on choices that set one up for failure or at the very least  unneeded hard work because you weren't paying attention to the vital things you desire and REQUIRE for an ideal relationship.

The test is delivered in 2 parts.  Part one is your personal analysis and is free to take.

Part two is matching your test results with your current or potential partner (who has also taken the test) and this match-up highlights your compatibility with each other. You purchase a Match-Up from our store.

It takes between 40 - 80 minutes to complete and your results are delivered to you via email.

The use of the test and match up has rescued many struggling relationships - and has also been the beginning for couples who have gone on to report to us their happiness at finding their ideal relationship.

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