“The Commitment Quiz and your data having to do with Commitment was very valuable to me.”  Y.R.

“You’ve helped me get my confront way up on this area of my life and re-start creating on it..”  S. H.

“Your Success Formula is wonderful!  It now makes it much more real on how I can be successful in this area of my life.”  Anonymous

“All that you’ve coached me on has been very helpful in straightening out certain areas of my life.”  B.B.

"I can’t thank you enough...  Especially your coaching on Commitment and its supreme importance when it comes to applying key datums of information on making a relationship work.”  K. M.

“Please put your Marital Tools information on flash cards – I want to put it up on my refrigerator.”

“The key consulting tools, that you use, I am sure, are essential tools for making any activity prosper.  I realized how I can be more effective and happier in life.  Thank you.”  J.W.

“Thank you for your generosity in sharing your experience and knowledge on this subject – the coaching was a very validating experience.  It helped me to realize that it was not only okay but right to reach for the stars.”  S.E.

“You helped me to learn the importance of knowing and aligning my goals.”  T.F.

“I’ve realized that making my relationship better is basically making myself better in every way: career, health, over-all happiness, etc.”

“Thank you, you’ve made me look where I’ve never looked before.”

“I realize that I will find love again.  I also realize that my life will work better when I raise my commitment.”  M.D.

“I’ve now attended all of your Miracles For Marriage seminars – and had the advantage of your personal coaching, I love this, more and more, each time I hear about these successful marital tools  I get it more and more.  Thank you.”  T.B.

“Your definition of self-discipline.  OMG. I love it!  I practice it, I wish more people would.” T.B.

“I love your key tools that ensure long term happiness in a relationship.”

“Wow, I came to your workshop as a help flow to another – now I plan to attend the whole series.  Thank you, C. E.

“I owe it to my wife and children to increase my commitment to my family.  Thank you, so much.”  B. P.

“The information and the way you packaged the Communication Formula was very enlightening for me.  Especially about communication having to have INTENTION and what INTENTION means.  That totally blew me away. It pointed to what is out in my relationship.  With this data now my own I can really improve my relationship.” T.A.B.

“I now see how I can do things differently at home.  I’m excited.”  T.A.

“The data on the Evaluation of Relative Importances is invaluable.” L.B

“You have revitalized me – especially with regard to the Knowledge, Responsibility, Control -Triangle and the Power of Commitment.”

“You have moved me from looking at what I’m going to do to Doing.”  C.E.

“Your Game of Life Checklist puts everything into proper perspective.  Thanks for the one on one coaching.”  J. G.

“Ben, I gained a great clarity in what you were saying tonight – I see a new path for me, you put all the pieces together and it really helped make a difference.” R.S.

"The Tools of Success are much more real to me. It’ll be easier to achieve what I want. I’ve been to a number of Success/Purpose Driven workshops but your presentation was very unique and concise. I’ve never seen anything like it. And it’s true!" - LL

"It was great to get the data in this workshop. I like the Compatibility Test and how to define it and work it out with your partner." - RC

“This was really a fantastic workshop! I should have been listening to the advice of the “Cheshire Cat” but instead I’ve been following Alice’s logic and going in whatever direction is presented to me - this leads to a dwindling spiral. I now feel I want to take responsibility and hold my integrity as to where I’m going as opposed to floundering around. I now have tools!!” - HM

“Through the examples and drills in your workshop I really understand the applicability of these concepts. They’re very real and very helpful.” - KT

“This was a great workshop. I already had a list of ideal scene points two pages long but your Questionnaire is much more thorough than anything that I’ve seen or done before.” - LL

“This was the best and most useful workshop of its kind that I’ve ever attended. The Cheshire Cat story was an excellent example of where we’re at. The Compatibility Test was amazing; I’ve now developed a rock hard example of my ideal scene relationship.” - BCT

“I’ve gone to a number of similar workshops and I’ve gotten a lot of data, but this workshop really made some good points that I had never looked at before or thought of. I really enjoyed this!” - DB

“I found this workshop interesting and I’m excited to learn more about myself through the Compatibility Test. I knew that it was important for two people to have similar goals in a relationship, but their actions need to be in alignment as well. Thank you!” - CV

“I loved the part of the presentation that included a practical that went over making the other person right.” - AH

“This was an awesome workshop! If I knew what I learned in this workshop today a few years back, I could have remained happy with any of my girlfriends. I learned more than just about relationships. This data can be applied to anybody and everybody!” - MG

“I feel very much enhanced by tonight’s workshop with a wonderful new outlook on my future. I really enjoyed the viewpoint and am interested in getting all the knowledge recommended.” - LC

“I loved it! It was fun, easy to understand and inspired me to be more committed in my relationships. This also validated a lot of what I already do. I loved the datum about a communication line having to have admiration. It’s so true!!” - KT

older couple