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The Ideal Relationship Compatibility Test™ - Compatibility Match-Up.  

No other diagnostic match-up will give you this much compatibility information. Not, E-Harmony, J-Date etc. This diagnostic will combine your personal Ideal Relationship results with another’s personal Ideal Relationship results and, using our proprietary match-up algorithm, will give you both a comparative compatibility score for each of the 12 categories; sex, politics, money, religion, etc. and a grand total overall compatibility score.

Would you make a good match or is this a relationship that needs some serious intervention to be successful?The results of our analysis will clearly show in your overall compatibility score the answer to the above questions.

The cost of a single match-up of two different Ideal Relationships is $125.00, unless you have a coupon code (obtainable from Ben Kugler), and less if multiple match-ups are purchased at the same time.

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Multiple Match-Up Purchase



1. The first step on your self-help journey is to take The Ideal Relationship Compatibility™ test – it’s FREE for individual users.  (See above.)

If you are looking for that right person – it begins by your knowing who you are and what an ideal partner is for you. (this applies even if you are in a relationship that needs help or one you want to strengthen to make even better).   

The higher the compatibility level the easier and smoother the relationship will be!

The Ideal Relationship Compatibility Test Test™ is the most comprehensive Compatibility Test on the market.


This test consists of over 300 questions. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to finish.  Upon submitting your answers you’ll receive an electronic print out that shows your most important compatibility characteristics down to your least desirable compatibility characteristics.

You’ll then know what your Ideal Relationship is in the areas of emotional compatibility, sex, marriage and children (if that is part of your ideal relationship).

**Note: it doesn’t matter whether you are either in or not currently in a relationship.

When taking the Ideal Relationship Compatibility Test™ Test you MUST take it from the perspective of being single (and not from the perspective of being half of a couple –regardless of how long you’ve been with that other person.  This is all about you and what your ideals are).

2. The next step is having two individuals (be they dating one another, a significant other for months or years, or even married for decades) Match Up their Individual User test results. Once the match up results are completed, they will be sent to you.

In the comprehensive match up report you'll receive, you will find:

a) compatibility or the lack of it on each of 300 questions – Note: Neither e-Harmony nor do this.   

b) you’ll get a compatibility score of how you match up on each of 12 different categories; emotional, financial, sexually, raising children, religion, politics, etc.

c) you’ll get an overall compatibility score from 1 to 100 percent for all of the 277 multiple choice questions.

d) if and when couples opt in to have Private Relationship Coaching the results of the Match Up print out are use to address any existing incompatibility problems in the correct sequence and at the correct gradient to get results.

3. The Relationship Commitment Test™.

  • a) Prior to taking the test the individual is asked to write down what he or she feels their Commitment to their mate is (on a scale of 1 to 10 basis) -- be it in an existing relationship or a non-extant one.
  • b) The definitions of Commitment are reviewed.  It is noted that Commitment is not just a word, but it is an action. 
  • c) You take the test. It’s 40 questions in length and can be taken in less than five minutes.   

4. The IRG Communication Skill Set Test™.

  • a. Communication is the corner-stone of all relationships.  There is much truth in the fact that advanced communication skills can resolve ANY problem and that lack of those skills can doom any relationship. 
  • b. The gradients of the Communication Skill Sets are well outlined when taking the test and especially when participating in our Workshop: Are You Creating or Destroying Your Relationships?

We’ve developed a unique system to ensure the certainty and application of these Communication Skill Sets. Within the Workshop: Are You Creating or Destroying Your Relationships we’ve included a 30 day program that helps to ensure that the materials become second nature.

The saying “number of times over equals certainty and results“  cannot be understated here.  These skills are vital in having and maintaining an ideal relationship.

  • c. The Communication Test is designed to determine one’s level of expertise at Communicating.  It is a 35 -question multiple choice test.

5. An IRG Certified Life Coach does an Evaluation of the above 3- C’s Tests on each client and or couple.  The Coach at the client’s behest will then make a recommendation as to what the clients next action should be.

The included 30 to 60  minute professional evaluation of all three tests results in recommendations of what you can do to resurrect or bring your relationship to a point that you’ll be more than satisfied with, EVEN IF YOUR PARTNER REFUSES TO PARTICIPATE.