The Secrets for Saving Failing Relationships

At Ideal Relationship, we feel that we’ve “cracked the code” of the problem of failed relationships. In other words, we’re convinced that we’ve resolved the problem of what has caused the soaring divorce rate. In 1910 the divorce rate was under 5%; since 1985 it’s been over 50%. If you add in non-married couples the failed relationship rate is above 65%.

Cracking the code means we’ve come up with the tools needed for those individuals with or without a mate to have the certainty of who they should partner with. For those in an existing relationship we’ve developed the tools needed to improve almost any relationship.

Ideal Relationship is a uniquely different Life Coaching entity that specializes in improving relationships among couples and their children. Our mission is to reverse the divorce and failed relationship statistic in the United States.

Go directly to the shopping cart and buy the book, The Quest For Compatibility & the Demise of Divorce to more fully understand the power of what we’re promoting.  We specialize in helping those who’ve given up ever finding, let alone having a successful and loving relationship with a significant other, spouse or child.


If you want to quickly see how uniquely different and effective we can be at helping you determine your Ideal Relationship, take the Ideal Relationship Questionnaire™. It’s a FREE test for individuals and it will take the mystery out of who you should or should not partner with.

By taking this FREE test you’ll definitively KNOW the ideal compatibility characteristics of the person you want to share your life with. CLICK HERE.

Even if you are in an existing relationship you should take this test. If your significant other, partner or mate will take the test as well, we not only provide a Compatibility Score after we electronically overlay the two tests, but also provide an A to Z printout of where you are most and least compatible with your partner.

There are over two hundred compatibility characteristics that we electronically evaluate for you and your mate. While taking the test solo is FREE, there is, however, a $47.95 charge when you wish to see your results compared with your partner, mate or significant other. CLICK HERE if you’d like to take the Couples - Ideal Relationship Questionnaire™.


Our workshops and coaching are there for you to win back that positive attitude you once had regarding achieving your ideal relationship. We have an extensive program that combines our seminars with coaching to help ensure that you have “your coach” at a reasonable price to see that you achieve what you’ve always wanted.

To find out more about our workshops, CLICK HERE.  And to get additional information about our coaching packages CLICK HERE.

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with any of your e-book purchases or workshop & coaching ensemble packages.

Our books, coaching and workshop components are there to help you optimize your compatibility. If there are unanswered questions that you have please don’t hesitate to write to me personally at and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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