The Way of Life App is

Our (Beta*) Create and Destroy

Mobile App


Please follow the following points to begin using this Mobile App.


  1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone.


  1. Search for “Way of Life” app using the search feature in the lower right-hand side of the screen.


  1. You should select the one with the above logo.


  1. Download the app onto your phone.


  1. If you don’t use the app store often, it will ask you to put in your password, that you would have set up when you first got your phone.


  1. Once you have the free app on your phone you will need to upgrade to the Pro Version. The Pro Version is a one-time charge $6.95 for lifetime access to the app.


  1. The free app only allows you to track three items at a time. The Pro Version allows you to set up as many items to track at a time (more on this a little later).

Setting up the Way to Life App


  1. The main feature of the app that you will use to track your Creates and Destroys is something in the app called “Journals”.


  1. Within the Journals feature (bottom left) is where you will enter the 16 Tools of Relationships. With the 16 Tools of Relationships typed in you will then be in a position to easily record/score your creates and destroys.


  1. The following is the suggested manner that you should type in the

Relationship Tools of Knowledge.


Note: they load in this Mobile App from the bottom to the top:

When our pilot (Beta) Mobile App Stage of Development ends – approximately 1.16.20, the 18 Tools will automatically load and total each day, week & month. The daily Creates or Destroys of a specific Tool will also automatically total as well, stressing what should be most worked on.


i.      Asking oneself, What Am I Trying to Do? – the ideal scene vs. the existing scene.

ii.     What is Man’s Greatest Difficulty: the Important vs. Unimportant.

iii.         The Fundamentals of Communication:  

              Understanding vs. Not Understanding.

iv.     Interest-ed vs. Interest-ing.

v.      Good Manners vs. Bad Manners.

vi.     Principles of Life – Applied or not – showing each of them.

vii.    The Sanity Scale:

viii.   Rightness vs. Wrongness.

ix.     Opinions, Evaluations, Judgmental or Not.

x.      Sincere Apologies vs. none.                    

xi.        Intermediate Communication

            The Communication Formula

            Being there, Acknowledging,                     

            Getting an answer,                                          

            Handling upsets, & correct                                                            

           2-Way Comm.

xii.       Responsible for one’s own Tone Level & one’s Significant others.     

xiii.      Advanced Communication: Being Analytical vs. Reactive.

xiv.      Admiration – Being applied or not.

xv.       Aesthetics – Being utilized or not.

xvi.      The Ability to Duplicate both viewpoints – Pan-Determinism.

xvii.     Toleration of Viewpoints.

xviii.    The Ultimate Echelon of Understanding - Granting of Beingness.


  1. If you are not in an active relationship you can simply track those points that you want to track in terms of your personal relations with others.


  1. Once you have the 18 Relationship Tools set up you are ready to start the daily tracking of Creating or Destroying your Relationships.

Using the Way to Life App to Track Creates and Destroys


  1. Each day you will have 18 options to track.
  2. You have the option on each Tool of Knowledge of choosing Yes (green), No (red) or Skip (grey) for each item. You will choose Yes, if there was a Create, one you did with your partner. If there was a Destroy then you would mark it as red. If nothing notable happened on that item that day, you can choose Skip. As an example, if you chose “Apologize” as one to track, and there was no reason to do it, then mark it as a Skip.


  1. Ideally as you go through each day, you would mark the items as being Green (Create) or Red (Destroy). You can mark Skips at the end of the day, if that didn’t come up.


  1. To access and log your daily Journal of Creates and Destroys, you simply tap on each Journal and then mark it accordingly.


  1. NOTE: An important feature is that you can create a notation for each day for each Tool). Some uses of this would be to note what the Create was for at that point, or, what was the Destroy. That way you and your partner (if you are in a relationship) can discuss the positive point or what the negative was. Also, you can note multiple Creates or Destroys on a certain item. The app only allows for Yes (Create), No (Destroy) or Null (Skip). There may be multiple Creates in a day, so you may want to use the Note feature to count the total.


You can access the Note Feature after tapping the Journal. Then there is a Pen and Pad logo in the lower right corner that will pull up the note feature. Daily Journal (Tool) entries with notes will be visually indicated for reference.


  1. I would suggest setting aside a time when both you and your partner are rested and in good spirits generally to review your Create & Destroy entries for the day.
  2. If you need technical support you can call Ben Kugler at 727-480-9948 or Holly Haggarty at 727-647-6701


II. The Weekly Tele-Conference The time schedule will be: Sunday at 11:00am (ET), 10:00am (CT), 9:00am (MT), & 8:00am (PT).

Note: the first Sunday of every month when there is a Roundtable event scheduled there will NOT BE A SCHEDULED WEEKLY TELE-CONFERENCE.


Below is the information needed to participate in the weekly “Are Your Creating or Destroying Your Relationships”  tele-conference.


These conferences entail additional drilling and exercises and more advanced material on each of the 18 tools along with an extensive question and answer period with an Expert Relationship coach who has over twenty years experience.


(If there is a holiday like New Year’s Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s  Day, Labor Day you will be notified as to whether we will be meeting.)


Tele Conference - Data Dial In # 605-313-4100
Access Code 293608
Online Mtg ID = benkugler


For International Telephone Access #'s by country. Contact your Relationship Specialist for the Tele- Conf. Dial In #)
The Playback #
605-313-4105 -  The above only applies to Group Tele-Conferences.   Private Relationship Competence Training conferences are made at the convenience of the Coach and the Client.



III. The Monthly Relationship Roundtable Event

You will be sent multiple invitations every month, for the next six months to attend the Relationship Roundtable event.


The Roundtable events will be held on first Sunday of every month unless there is Holiday or travel conflict.

The times are as follows: 11:00am (ET), 10am (CT), 9am (MT), and 8am (PT).  The dates & times & locations are subject to change – but for now the above will be our meeting times.


If there is a holiday like New Year’s Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day you will be notified as to whether we will be meeting.

For those who are remote or not in the Tampa Bay area – will be your connection to the Roundtable meetings.  More on this later.


NOTE: Continued participation in the Relationship Competence Training program will help you achieve the Relationship Competence you need and want to achieve a stable long-term Successful Relationship.

The Payment, Cancellation and Termination policy are as follows: Payments are to be made in full (unless otherwise agreed to) prior to starting. The Cancellation period is the first three days past the date that payment of funds were deposited and made available in the company’s bank account.

The company has the right to terminate the agreement at any time if the client has materially falsified any of his testing or interview answers.  No refunds will be agreed to if this occurs.

If there is a disagreement on termination then the disagreement must be adjudicated by the American Arbitration Association of Tampa (not in a court of law).

The final valuable product for this package is a client who thoroughly understands the concept of Optimum Compatibility; what he or she needs and wants in a relationship and has found someone who is optimally compatible.  Having achieved this both should then have a much better chance of achieving a long-term successful relationship.



Benjamin R. Kugler; Author, Speaker, Compatibility Specialist

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