A Major Relationship Breakthrough

“Are You Creating or Destroying Your Relationships?”


The Relationship Competence Training Program

By Ben Kugler

After 19 years, 3,000 + hours of study & researching Relationships, interning at a Middle School, delivering 160+ workshops to thousands of people, writing 5 books on the subject; the last one entitled “The Quest for Compatibility & the Demise of Divorce – available at Amazon.com  -- A Major Relationship Breakthrough has occurred.  This is beyond “just making a difference” in a relationship and or beyond any therapy.  I sincerely believe that the following 4 - Step process is THE ANSWER to achieving and ensuring long-term Successful Relationships.



Step One begins with three proprietary tests that measure:

a. One’s “Ideal Scene”; what you least and most want in 12 different categories of life; sex, politics, finance, etc. At your option, your test results can then Match Up with another’s Ideal Scene to compare the degree of Compatibility you share.


b. Marital Commitment - Note: commitment is not just a word – it is a measured positive of committed actions. It’s the fuel that powers all relationships.


c. One’s current Communication Skill Set - this is a test that broadly measures one’s knowledge of Communication. The higher it is the greater the likelihood one can improve Compatibility and Commitment. Note: Competent use of this knowledge is the key.  (Competent is defined as; expert & skillful with no major errors.)


Collectively, these tests take 90 to 120 minutes to complete. They definitively tell you 1) what you want and don’t want in a relationship and 2) what the likelihood is of improving your Compatibility with another when you increase Commitment & Communication.


Step Two is a 30- to 45-minute evaluation of all three tests by a highly trained Relationship Coach with 15 to 20 years of Relationship expertise.


Step Three is for some a one-day workshop entitled Are You Creating or Destroying Your Relationships?”  This workshop focuses on the 20 key tools that Create or Destroy any relationship.  (Knowing when and how to use these tools to Create vs. Destroying any Relationship is essential when one wishes to ensure having a long-term Successful Relationship.)  An extra day of workshop trainng may need to be added to ensure that the Relationship Tools are fully duplicated.


Step Four is a 90 – 180- day Relationship Competence Training Regimen that comes in three parts; a) the use of our daily Create or Destroy Mobile App, a weekly Tele-Conference and a monthly Round Table.  Step Four is the “secret sauce” which builds Relationship Competence. This is the step that makes it all come together and stay together.


It is worth noting, that even if just one of the two in a relationship sign up to do the above 4-Step Create & Destroy Program, an Ideal Relationship can ultimately be attained.  Allow us the privilege of answering any and all of your questions.


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