10 Tools Needed to Ensure a Successful Relationship

Miracles For Marriage:  Part II

3. How to Guarantee a Successful Relationship

This clearly is the workshop that fully utilizes the 10 Lessons of How to Optimize Your Compatibility.

It’s a hard-hitting, pull-no-punches workshop that will show you how effective these comprehensive tools can be.

These tools will stably allow you to negotiate the ups and downs as well as ins and outs of any relationship. Knowing and applying these tools will be of significant help when it comes to handling/overcoming the challenges of incompatibilities in your relationship.

Note: the single biggest hurdle to keeping your commitments has much to do with unhandled incompatibility.

While it’s of utmost importance to achieve optimum compatibility when finding a mate, it’s of equally if not of greater importance to ensure the Success of an existing Relationship. In this workshop we’ll review the key tools needed to help guarantee that you are not headed toward being a divorce statistic.

The following are just some of what you’ll take away from this workshop:

  • a full & comprehensive understanding of the definitions of love
  • what it means to truly understand and be there for another person
  • what man’s greatest difficulty is and how to overcome it when creating a successful relationship
  • what’s the primary error that everyone makes - that leads to upsets and how to minimize & eliminate them
  • what’s the key difference between talking with one another and really communicating – the really great communicators know this. Being able to apply this major tool alone will handle at least 50% of all hurdles and upsets that arise in most relationships
  • why Manners Matter – this is no joke – it really does matter
  • how beneficial are your Principles and Values – “know them and don’t lose them”
  • and several more…

This workshop is 5 to 6  hours in length. It can be broken up into two segments. It is conducted by a Compatibility Specialist and includes 15  Lessons of How to Optimize Your Compatibility, the Miracles for Marriage workshop manual is provided and can be done by Skype, but it is recommended that it be done in our conference room in Tampa.

The Price of this Workshop is $375.00 [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=15]