The Relationship Article

When it comes to Relationships what’s The Problem?

And what’s the Solution?

The Problem:

  • Do you know what the current divorce rate is in the U.S.? (Answer)
  • Do you know what it was prior 1910? (Answer)
  • Do you know what caused the marital failure rate to jump so drastically?
  • And why it remains stuck at over 50% for the last 30 years?
  • We do and better than that we know how to bring the divorce rate exponentially downward.


Knowing the above answers will put you in a far better position to never again be part of another failed relationship.

Learn how to Optimize Your Compatibility; whether it is finding the right mate or knowing how to improve an existing relationship.

Learn how to achieve greater compatibility with your present or future partner.


The institution of marriage and relationships in general are both under attack and in disarray with the divorce rate going from 5% to 52.9% over the last 100 + years.

Far too many children are growing up in broken homes.

Compatibility wasn’t an issue prior to the last 100 years – you did what your parents said when it came to whom you should marry. An it rarely if ever was based upon love – it was based upon money, stability of the partner (if he didn’t beat you that too was a big plus), Religion, Children, and your Race. Those were the top 6 major compatibility characteristics over the last 4,000 years. It was simple and there wasn’t a lot happiness in those relationships.

Ironically it was two positive and very important events that contributed to the exponential rise of divorce: the Women’s Movement * (of the 20th Century) which released women from the yoke of male domination and being treated like chattel (property) and coincidental to that time period the United States experiencing the greatest economic boom in its history .

See Appendix A for a detailed summary of the Women’s Movement.- one the most significant movements in the history of the world.

The Women’s Movement and the US economic boom radically changed the compatibility characteristics that both genders were looking for.   The original 6 most important compatibility characteristics changed to fifty plus very important compatibility characteristics and over 150 + lesser but no less important compatibility characteristics.   It now became impossible to operate with just the 6 age old compatibility characteristics.

Over the last 60 years it became much more complicated and very difficult for someone to match up the dozens and dozens of new compatibility characteristics. It was no longer just about money, stability, children, religion, race and doing what your father said to do.

As a result; men and women went with a handful of the new compatibility characteristics as there was no comprehensive way to find the right mate, nor hard fast template to follow on how to improve an existing relationship that was worth saving.

The Solution:

The materials in our books, workshops and coaching will help you to define who you are, what you are looking for and how to Be what that other person needs and wants as well. Knowing and applying this material is the key to having a successful & lasting relationship.

This Method is a uniquely different way for couples to reverse the tide of unhappiness and failed relationships. It’s called the Optimum Compatibility Method. The technology of this is embodied in the following books;

  • Book #1: The Ultimate Compatibility Test,
  • Book #2: The Quest For Compatibility & the Demise of Divorce, and
  • Book #3: The 14 Lessons of How to Optimize Compatibility.

In the following workshops;

When people really know what they want the physical universe tends to surrender itself to those intentions.

When people want to improve an existing relationship they need the correct tools to

do so. They also need the correct coaching guidance on how to make that happen.

Our approach is simple when it comes to finding that right person; determine the importance of all of your likes and dislikes, including your level of commitment to your mate. This then determines your optimum compatibility.

When it comes to an existing relationship that has far more right than wrong but is less than ideal our approach is to gradiently the incompatibilities in your relationship and show you how to turn your incompatibilities into compatible characteristics.


* The Women’s movement refers to a series of reform campaigns on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women’s suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, and all other inequities which subjugated women to a male dominated world. The label also falls under the term of feminism.