Testing Information

The Ideal Relationship Questionnaire

The Ideal Relationship Questionnaire has a two fold purpose.  a) it establishes for many people a very comprehensive IDEAL RELATIONSHIP for that individual.  This Questionnaire is designed for married as well as singles.  When you fill in this Ideal Relationship Questionnaire you are to do so as though you are NOT with someone.


Once you do this you will get a very detailed Print Out of basically who and what your Ideal Scene is.  Each person who fills out the Ideal Relationship Questionnaire gets a Serial Number that they can use to b) match up their Ideal Relationship with another’s; be it your significant other, spouse or someone you are considering dating.

You’ll then see based upon dozens and dozens of line item characteristics and many categories how compatible you are or are not.  Doing the Matched Up comparison of Ideal Relationships is quite enlightening especially for those who are dating; it can save you time, money and energy.

You might be asking, why would a married couple want to take this test?  The answer is simple, if they want to improve their relationship they need to definitively know where their greatest and least compatibilities are.  Confronting this can lead to a very unique handling that then improves the areas of incompatibility.  More on this later under Coaching.

We do not want any married couples taking this test to confirm why they should leave a relationship.  That is not our purpose or goal.  We are dedicated to helping individuals find the right mate and helping couples improve their compatibility when they are willing to confront their incompatibilities.

When we are asked to help handle incompatibilities we do so by handling the most confrontable incompatibilities first – not those incompatibilities that are the 800 pound Gorilla – they get handled last.  (Check out the Coaching and Workshops on the website Tool Bar to understand how we can increase compatibility.)

Click here to fill in the Ideal Relationship Questionnaire and a) get your individual personalized Ideal Relationship Print Out and then b) combine your serial number with another’s serial number and see the degree of Compatibility the two of you have with one another.  Until May 15th, 2018 the Match Up will be FREE.  This is a $125.00 free offer until that date.

The Oxford Commitment Quiz

One’s Commitment (one’s dedication to a cause) is the foundation upon which Success at anything is built upon.  If one’s Commitment to building an everlasting Relationship is weak then that Relationship has a very good possibility of ending in divorce.  But if that Commitment is very strong then that individual has an excellent chance of doing whatever it takes to make it work.

Click here to take The Oxford Commitment Quiz.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a Relationship or not.  The questions are geared to give you a Relationship Commitment Score regardless of whether you are currently in a relationship or not.

It’s not enough to just HAVE what you want from a relationship.

You also have to BE what that other person needs and wants.

If you are interested in learning how to improve your Relationship Commitment Score → our Coaching and Webinars can help you do so.

The Couples Happiness Assessment

Let’s do a very quick assessment of the your happiness level with your mate. Nothing ever stays the same. Relationships ebb and flow.

This assessment test is an immediate gut check of how things are going. It will put you in the position of knowing where you are at and where you want to get to in your relationship.

This test should be taken by any two people who are mates, partners in life or those who are seriously dating one another.

This test is not for individuals who do not currently have a partner, mate, or significant other.

Click here if you want to do a quick gut check of your current relationship – it’s simple and very fast.

The Parenting IQ Exam

Most parents raise their children like the way they were raised. This can be either bad, good or so-so.

A strong Parenting Foundation produces productive and loving children.
There are Natural Laws of Parenting that can build a Foundation that is conducive to children growing up to love their parents, not be entitled and also being productive.

Click here to see where you stand as far as your Parenting Skills.

The Business Partnership Compatibility Test

This test which is geared to determine the level of compatibility of two or more Chief Level executives. It is in the final stages of its revision, Beta Algorithm Testing and will be available by June 1, 2018.

The Personnel Potential Analysis

a) Personality Test
A fully automated 200 question Personality Test that tells you who to or who not to combine with.

b) Aptitude Test
An Aptitude Test that tells you the ability/capability level of how adept an individual is to do something.

c) An IQ Test
An IQ test represents a person's reasoning ability (measured using problem-solving tests) as compared to the statistical norm or average for their age, taken as 100.