symbols for male and female
Male and female icon signs presented separately, as well as together to symbolize  different types of relationship
black couple
black couple

The Ideal Relationship Questionnaire  - Is quite comprehensive, invades your privacy, has 300 questions and will clearly define your personal Ideal Relationship like never before.  When matched up with another’s Ideal Relationship it methodically shows your compatibility in 12 different categories and gives you an overall compatibility score when compared to that other person.

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The Ideal Relationship Questionnaire - Match Up.  No other diagnostic match up will give you this much compatibility information. Not, E-Harmony, J-Date etc. This diagnostic will combine your Ideal Relationship results with another’s Ideal Relationship results.  You’ll be comparing your answers with each of theirs.  You’ll get a comparative compatibility score for each of the 12 categories; sex, politics, money, religion, etc. and a grand total overall compatibility score. $125.

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The Oxford Commitment Quiz - is a FREE an armor-piercing 40 question quiz that gives you a percentage of your level of Commitment to a significant other.  Note: if this level is unacceptable we have a workshop and coaching that can raise your Commitment level.

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The Couples Happiness Assessment - this is our 120 second gut check evaluation.  It instantly determines how you are doing as a couple at any given point in time with your significant other or spouse.

The Happiness Assessment is FREE.  Click Here to Access

The Parenting IQ Exam - This 18-question test is important for those with children that live in the home, especially younger children who still go to school.  Helping raise your Parenting IQ is one of our specialties.

The Parenting IQ Exam is FREE.   Click Here to Access

The Business Partnership Compatibility Test will make its debut on June 1st, 2018.  It is a no-holds-barred, comprehensive 250 plus question test that helps executives determine the compatibility of who should or should not be their partners. It is also an excellent diagnostic to help the CEO determine candidates at the Chief Level.  Stay tuned.

The 3 Personnel Potential Analysis Tests - for all three tests; Personality, Aptitude, & IQ, the price is $150 each.  For more information Click Here.

Personnel Potential Personality Analysis Test

This test delivers a wealth of vital information about each applicant, and his potential job performance ability.

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Personnel Potential Aptitude Test

This measures the person's ability to understand and follow instructions. Employees who can’t follow exact instructions or company policy are a potential liability to the company.

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Personnel Intelligence Quotient Test

This test measures problem solving skills and the capacity to learn.

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The Anatomy of Success & Failure of Relationships  - without a strong Commitment to Achieve an endeavor; be it building a business or creating a relationship the usual outcome is failure.  Learn about the two other corners of the Success Triangle that made it possible for the following people to be successful: Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi, Pablo Picasso, Jerry Seinfeld, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Oprah Winfrey, and Steven Spielberg.

This webinar is Free and is automatedClick Here

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It includes the supervisory help to personally take the four Compatibility Tests.  This price includes the $135.00 fee for the Ideal Relationship Questionnaire match up and two Commitment Quiz’s.

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The price is for two people to be in attendance for two days.

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This is a one-and-a-half-day workshop.  Best taken in person in our Conference Room in the Tampa Bay area.


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Individual Coaching Packages by the hour (from a Compatibility Specialist Coach with 5 to 25 years of Compatibility Coaching Experience).

The Hourly - Compatibility Specialist Coaching rates = $125.00 per hr.

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The 10 Hourly - Compatibility Specialist Coaching rates = $995.00 per 10 hr. intensive.

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Wedding Officiating: Non-Denominational



1. Wedding Officiating that is non-denominational

 Officiating on a certain date and time and place with triple confirmations.                         

Price - $250.00

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Price may vary up to $400.00 (depending upon time & distance) 

2. With mention or not of a supreme being in the marriage service.

3. Optional offer to help customize the Marital Vows.

Price - $175.00 

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Optional help with being in attendance at the Wedding Rehearsal.
Price - $170.00 

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Optional pre-marital counseling package.
Price - $125.00

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Price may vary up to $300.00 (depending upon amount of counseling needed)