Special Coaching Packages

1.  The Compatibility Builder – Workshops and Coaching

This service includes the most comprehensive delivery of the workshops:

     ~~ How to Achieve an Ideal Relationship

     ~~ How to Continue to Ensure an Ideal Relationship

They include the knowledge and drills from: The Quest For Compatibility & the Demise of Divorce and The 14 Lessons of How to Achieve Optimum Compatibility and 20 to 50 or more hours of 0ne-0n-one coaching. It can be personally delivered in your home, office or by Skype by one of our five highly trained coaching specialists.

Our goal is to see that you are empowered with the knowledge and the application of that knowledge to achieve your dreams.

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2.  The True Measure of Success – Workshop and Coaching

After going through the webinar alone you’ll go through the webinar with your assigned coach who will ensure that your goals and purposes in each area of your life are carefully determined and listed out.

You’ll then look at each dynamic in your life and determine your existing and ideal scene. Once these are confirmed you’ll then go through each area of your life with your coach to determine the correct estimation of effort of what it is going to take to achieve your ideal scene.

Each line item will have a TP (time period) with which you have set for yourself to complete each line item step of the program.

Your coach is with you on an as needed basis through out the process. He’s there to ensure that the outline of True Measure of Success is precisely duplicated.

This is tailor-made coaching designed to help you achieve the level of interest, decisiveness, importance level and perseverance needed to attain the goals that you have committed yourself to attain.

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3.  The Foundations of Brilliance Coaching          

This one-on-one coaching program is designed to help an individual find and follow their major purpose in life. This is a one-on-one coaching event that is done to a result. In other words you must get the product that you have been looking for – knowing what your purpose is in life – based upon an evaluation of your talents, personality and purposes. The fee is a fixed amount to the result. We’re ready, willing and able to help coach you through and to the achievement of that life purpose.

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