The Platinum 12-month Matchmaker Package

  1. The 12-Month Compatibility Coaching Package – $13,950.00.  It includes all of the above as noted in the 6-Month Compatibility Coaching Package but also includes:

A matchmaker component that is 12 months instead of 6 months.

The 2nd Workshop in the Compatibility Series: Miracles for Marriage: How to Guarantee an Ideal Relationship with Your Mate, which includes the 15 Lessons of How to Optimize your Compatibility. This workshop is personally delivered by the client’s coach on a one-on-one basis. It’s a 5 to 10 + hour delivery that can be done via Skype but is best done in our conference room in Tampa.

It’s a hard-hitting, pull-no-punches workshop that will show you how effective these comprehensive tools can be.

These tools will stably allow you to negotiate the ups and downs as well as the ins and outs of all types of relationship situations. Knowing and applying these tools will be of significant help when it comes to handling & overcoming the challenges of incompatibilities in your relationship.

Note: the single biggest hurdle to keeping your marital commitments has everything to do with unhandled incompatibilities.

While it’s of utmost importance to achieve optimum compatibility when finding a mate, but it’s also of equal importance to do so in an existing relationship. This workshop focuses on keeping couples together.  Anyone who doesn’t want to keep his relationship with his or her existing mate – should not apply.

We are NOT INTERESTED in working with people who are looking for an exit in their relationship, only those who want to make it work.  

The 15 lessons are all invaluable common-sense tools that you simply do not want to be without as you strengthen your relationship. The following are the “takeaways” from this workshop:

  • a full & comprehensive understanding of the meaning of love
  • what it means to truly understand and be there for another person
  • what man’s greatest difficulty is and how to overcome it when creating a successful relationship
  • what the primary error is that everyone makes that leads to upsets, and how to minimize & eliminate them
  • what’s the key difference is between talking with one another and really communicating – the really great communicators know this. Being able to apply this major tool alone will handle at least 50% of all hurdles and upsets that arise in most relationships
  • why Manners Matter – this is no joke – it really does matter
  • how beneficial are your Principles and Values – “know them and don’t lose them”
  • and several more….

The 3rd and final Workshop in the Compatibility Series: Miracles For Marriage: Part 3 - How to Guarantee An Ideal Relationship with Your Children, is delivered on a one-on-one basis for those who have either young or grown children and even those now living on their own.

Participating in this workshop can and will significantly change how you interact with your child, and as a result, make the relationship with them much more harmonious.

This workshop is delivered via Skype or in person (this is preferred) in our offices in Tampa by your personal coach.   The workshop is a 6 to 10 hours in length.

The product of this workshop is totally geared to optimizing your parenting skills and producing loving, productive children.

The decline of any nation can be traced back to how the children were raised.

This workshop focuses on using the same 15 lessons that were used in the prior workshop; the difference being that this workshop and the one prior is that this one completely deals with improving any and all of the following non-optimum areas of parenting:

  • parental disrespect; both to and from the child
  • out exchange (a child who must be contributed to versus one who is helpful)
  • a poor work ethic
  • poor communication skills – due to too much indulgence & entitlement
  • without principled values as far as not caring about their parents, siblings, grandparents, the country we live in and its history
  • not knowing and striving to help your child achieve his or her goals
  • a family devoid of manners
  • lack of respect for others or themselves
  • leading a life with little purpose or value
  • a life that lacks pride and humility
  • children who grow up dependent rather than independent producers
  • children with an entitlement sense of economics

Everything in this workshop is geared toward helping you understand and work with your child regardless of whether they live in your home or not.

The material presented in this workshop can make the difference between being a very successful parent or one who may significantly fail in this area.

Note: this workshop is also recommended for parents who have grown/adult children. Being a parent never ends and it’s never too late to “optimize your parenting skills.”

The tools in this workshop when learned and applied have changed relationships for the better with children both young and old.

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