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Ben Kugler
Founder, CEO, Author, Speaker, Compatibility Specialist

Accomplishments and Achievements:


Ben has owned and operated several companies – from a start up; Major Maintenance that he grew from one employee to 117 people in 18 months to his largest business having over 1,400 employees; Millard Maintenance Service Co.   When he worked for New York Life he was the first agent (with no prior insurance experience) to earn the company's highest sales award faster than anyone else in its 150 year history.

He has also raised high six figure dollars for worthy causes that annually help thousands of young people. He has served on the Board of Directors of three non–profit organizations; Cherish the Children Foundation, The Community Learning Center and Young Men's Jewish Council.

In the last ten years he has been a speaker and consultant in the areas of business and family. Among his most cherished accomplishments are having a large family with his wife of 42 years consisting of seven children, five daughters-in-law, one son–in–law, and thirteen grandchildren. He’s very proud of the fact that all of his children lead very productive lives and are all contributing in different ways toward making the world a better place to live.

As a result of the above experience and being a post graduate student “in the philosophy of life,” he has written a screen play called "The Moment," compiled and edited 3 derivative books: "The Natural Laws of Parenting," "Parenting Essentials," and "How to Handle Difficult Situations with your Child."  He has also, co-authored a booklet entitled "50 Ways to Get & Keep the Job You Want – Guaranteed!" that is geared for young adults.

And his 2 latest books: The Oxford Ultimate Compatibility Analysis  – Questionnaire and The Quest For Compatibility & The Demise of Divorce were published by Xulon Press in 2015 and are available at Amazon.com. His soon to be released book entitled:  The 15 Lessons of How to Optimize Your Compatibility will be released in the 3rd Quarter of 2018.  (The Workshop Manual of it is available for those who take the workshop.)

For further information, contact Mr. Kugler at:
or call 727-480-9940

lavonnaLaVonna Bledsoe
Public Relations and Expansion Specialist

With a BS from Colorado State University and studies in Personal Finance and Money Management through Atlantic Union College, LaVonna has served as the president of a 120 employee financial company, handling any and all aspects of Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations.  As a consultant, she has created growth in several underdeveloped companies, most recently, to the tune of 150% growth in 2 years and 175% growth in 4 years by way of consulting with their CEOs.  In one company she established a division for customer services that tripled profits in a year.  She has opened, owned and operated such diversified businesses as DNA Testing and Teen Clubs.  Also, as an accomplished public speaker, she has served on many charity projects to assist senior citizens as well as the American Heart Association.  However, her greatest joy in life besides family is helping the children of the world live and grow up with their natural parents in a nurturing environment.

bernardBernard Percy

Bernard is an author, educator and lecturer. He has traveled the world delivering seminars, lectures, workshops and individual consultations to thousands upon thousands of people focusing on education, career choices, parenting and creating ideal personal relationships. Among his books are Help Your Child In School; How To Grow A Child – A Child’s Advice To Parents; and Moments Of Astonishment – On Becoming A Better Dad. The following comment is typical of the responses he gets from his deliveries:

Bernard is a revelation! A teacher, childhood educator and parent ‘enlightener” he is a big man, with a very big heart. He does not speak about raising kids from some abstract academic point of view. You’ll find no “pyschobabble” in his seminars. Just heart-warming stories from a man who is clearly loved and adored by his own children. His methods are simple and endearing, empowering both the parent and the child with their own point of view. You’ll find yourself going “of course” again and again as you listen to him speak, for the answers he unveils to “common childhood problems” are so obvious, you wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself. But when you are busy with work and family issues, it is easy to forget the fundamentals. Bernard brings them back to you with memorable ease. A few hours spent with him is worth a lifetime of experience. If you get a chance to see him, cancel everything and take it, you and your kids will not regret it!

bernardDrew Johnston

Over the past 40 years Drew Johnston has been working as a consultant and guest speaker with corporations, colleges, small businesses, families and individuals – helping them understand how to achieve success. His clients include: Santa Clara University, San Jose State University, Canada College, Pitzer College, San Jose Rotary Club, The Ashland Springs Hotel, multiple Chiropractic and Dental Offices, Law Firms, Accounting firms, and dozens of family business of all sizes and descriptions.

In the past twelve years he has delivered over 885 seminars and lectures to over 39,000 people all across the United States, as well as Taiwan, Canada and England.

For eight years he worked on his family’s farm in Merced County growing alfalfa, almonds, peaches, corn, cantaloupe and other crops; and during that time he served as a volunteer on the Merced County Drug Advisory Board.

Along with his other consulting duties, Drew has been volunteering his time to deliver the Criminon program inside the Monterey County Jail, utilizing the Way to Happiness, a common sense moral code written by author L. Ron Hubbard.

Drew and his wife Dede currently live in Pacific Grove, California from where he commutes regularly to Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to deliver consulting and seminars on a wide range of topics

AbbyAbby Juneau

Abby Juneau is a highly-qualified marriage counselor and life coach who has lived and worked in the Tampa Bay area for the past 15 years. She is married and has two lovely girls, Melissa and Sondra, both of whom have also become trained as professional counselors.

She possesses a strong drive to help people live happier and fuller lives. She has helped others for over 25 years, counseling tens of thousands of hours and is trusted by notable celebrities. She has helped thousands of individuals improve their relationships, recover from emotional trauma, overcome drugs and alcohol, eliminate mental barriers to success and achieve confidence in themselves and their future.

These are  a few of the fabulous things that her clients have to say about working with her:

"I had spent 25 years diligently pursuing 12 step programs. In addition, I took up various 'therapies' throughout that time and while I benefited, with each I came to a point where I was no longer making progress. And so many of the old, troubling, counter-productive characteristics remained, although they had to a certain extent moderated. A good friend and business associate introduced me to Abby. Her care and concern for me was, and is, astonishing.

“I began working with Abby. In the second week of this I made more progress than I had in the previous decade!

“Abby radiates joy from a place of centeredness. Her presence is an inspiration to me. And I know from the successes that I have experienced already, that I can have this joy if I continue to work with her. What can I say? Abby is an incredible human being. Knowing her has changed my life." - PG

"I really enjoyed my counselling. I got to talk about and handle any areas I had attention on. Now I feel really good about being a mom!
“I used to be terrified of going through labor, but I had wanted to be a mom my whole life. After getting my counselling I wasn't scared and I even felt prepared for it. My labor was not the easiest, to put it lightly, and my biggest fear even came up, and I made it through without any upset. I now have an AMAZING daughter that was worth every moment of it all! Thank you Abby for assisting me in attaining one of my lifetime goals!" - LL

"It has been a lifetime that I have had these feelings of not feeling worthy or competent. Reading, writing, spelling, learning and understanding materials has always been a HUGE struggle!!! I would rather die than read aloud or in front of others! Abby worked with me and found the key to unlock this lifetime's anxiety. We worked to the point that it all started to lighten and start to fall away... I am very excited by the idea that this burden can be lifted off, if not just lightened. I am looking forward to seeing how this will change the way I venture into life. There is much work ahead for me and I want and need to be as strong as I can personally to accomplish my business and life goal. This sure feels like a solid foundation has been laid for this next segment in the journey of my life! - VC

cherylCheryl Bruntel
Executive Assistant to Mr. Kugler

Cheryl has been a top-notch professional assistant for over 30 years, having started in the days before PC was a household word. She has been the owner of a successful secretarial service whose clients included a government agency, doctors, lawyers, authors and the Jacques Cousteau Society. Cheryl spent several years as an event planner – handling the soup to nuts logistics for weddings, bar mitzvahs and corporate events. She also spent many years in “Corporate America,” having served as the Executive Assistant to top level senior managers at Fortune 100 companies.

Although Cheryl has a very diverse skill set, what she enjoys most is proofreading and editing. She has been nicknamed by her friends and family as the “captain of the grammar police.”  She is also quite the expert at creating sophisticated spreadsheets & graphs, as well as multi-media PowerPoint presentations and websites.

Currently, Cheryl enjoys a rather unique lifestyle as an “RV full-timer,” where she lives, works, plays and travels full-time in her home on wheels. She likes having different views to look at from her office window. And it’s great to live in a day and age where technology bridges the gap and keeps everyone connected!

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