10x Your Parenting Skills

Miracles For Marriage: Part III

How to Guarantee a Successful Relationship with Your Children (younger or older)


While this workshop focuses on the material in The 15 Lessons of How to Optimize Your Compatibility it is not a regurgitation of the workshop above or it’s internship – it is totally geared to optimizing your parenting skills and producing loving, productive children.

The decline of any nation can be traced back to how the children were raised.

This workshop focuses on using the 15 lessons to improve any and all of the following non-optimum areas of parenting.

  • parental disrespect; both to and from the child
  • out exchange (a child who must be contributed to versus one who is helpful)
  • a poor work ethic
  • poor communication skills - due to too much indulgence & entitlement
  • without principled values
  • to not care about their country and its history
  • to not striving for their goals
  • without good manners
  • lack of respect for others or themselves
  • leading a life with little purpose or value
  • leading a life with a lack of pride and humility
  • children who grow up dependent rather than independent producers
  • an entitlement sense of economics

Everything in this workshop is geared toward helping you understand and work with your child regardless of whether they live in your home or not.

It's not usually the child's fault for his troubled life - in far too many cases the parents are the main reason that a child's love is nowhere to be found. There is a significant amount of drilling in this workshop.

It's actually a two-day workshop and on the second day one or more of your children are asked to join us for two and a half hours.  They may not understand why, but they are always glad that they were there. And so are the parents.

It is strongly encouraged that both parents participate in this workshop.  Even if only one parent gets involved with the workshop initially it can STILL make a big difference in both of your lives.

Note: this workshop is also recommended for parents who have grown/adult children. Being a parent never ends and it’s never too late to “optimize your parenting skills.”

The tools in this workshop when learned and applied have changed relationships for the better with children of all ages.

It’s never too late to do the right thing.

The Price for this Workshop is $575.00. [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=16]